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Joshua Peck, the founder of TrueCode Capital and author of Cryptocurrency Risk Management: A guide for family wealth will teach you the techniques he has used to become a confident crypto investor.

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Dec 15, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Checklist: Crypto Asset Manager

Everyone is focused on how to avoid losing money while crypto investing after the failure of FTX, the third-largest crypto exchange in the world. In my book, Cryptocurrency Risk Management: A guide for family wealth managers, I explore this topic in depth and provide a checklist of questions to ask of any asset manager selling a crypto investment or of yourself if you are managing your portfolio directly.

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Selecting a Crypto Asset Manager from Cryptocurrency Risk Management

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Bitcoin Halving Chart

Bitcoin halving is a predetermined event that occurs roughly every four years and reduces the number of new bitcoins created and released into circulation by 50%. This event is programmed into Bitcoin’s code and is an essential part of the cryptocurrency’s design. The purpose of the halving is to control the supply of bitcoins and prevent inflation, as the total number of bitcoins that can ever be created is limited to 21 million. Each halving brings the number of new Bitcoins released with each block reward closer to the total cap, making it increasingly difficult and expensive to create new coins. This event is widely anticipated by the Bitcoin community as it can have a significant impact on the price of Bitcoin.

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Cryptocurrency Risk Management Book

Stop missing out on cryptocurrency investing because it feels ‘too risky.’ This guide helps high net-worth individuals and family office portfolio managers develop a sober, thoughtful cryptocurrency investing strategy that complements their existing portfolio. It will enable you to:

  • Confidently invest in cryptocurrencies
  • Understand how crypto investing fits into your overall portfolio goals
  • Recognize the risks of this emergent asset class
  • Arm yourself to better survive bear markets
  • Increase your allocation in the high-growth cryptocurrency asset class
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Drop me your email at and I'll give you a Kindle version of the book when it is ready.

FTX Postmortem

FTX, a Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange, has filed for bankruptcy. In this video, Joshua Peck helps us to learn about the factors that lead to this bankruptcy, what we can expect from FTX in the future, and what we can learn from this event to make us more informed and smart traders and investors.

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Crypto Risk Model

If you want to prosper from the crypto markets, you have to survive them. Our cryptocurrency risk model takes a broad view of cryptocurrency investing so that people can stop losing so much money on crypto.

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Surviving Crypto Winter Webinar

Surviving Crypto Winter with TrueCode Capital
Hosted by  Joshua Peck
About this webinar The TrueCode Capital Crypto Momentum Fund (the Fund) has weathered the crypto bear market admirably. ​ The Fund has returned +15% over the same time period that Bitcoin has declined -58% (as of Aug 31, 2022; Market Data from ​ You can ask questions of Joshua Peck, Chief Investment Officer at TrueCode Capital. ​ What you’ll learn If you want to prosper in crypto investing, you have to understand the risk profile of the asset class so you can survive long enough to participate in potential future bull markets. Learn what kills crypto funds How can crypto contribute to family wealth Learn to invest in crypto with more confidence and less stress Sign up now!

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